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Magic Practice Copybooks (Set of 4)


Our Magic Practice Copybook Sets encourage independent learning and continuous self-taught development for your child! Enhances writing and calculation skills and strengthens your child's confidence.

These magic copybooks are also reusable and eco-friendly as the magic pen's ink disappears once its dry.

The grooved letters and numbers facilitate youngsters improve their cognitive writing skills and long-term memory.

Your child can write within the grooves shown by the letters and numbers which helps develop their motor skills in a very distinctive, fun & motivating way!

These workbooks can be used over and over as the pen’s ink will fade after drying so the handwriting automatically disappears, and your little one can practice as often as they want!

Each set comes with the reusable pen, an ergonomic pen holder as well as multiple pen ink refills which will last you a long time.


  • ✏️4 In 1 Large Magic Practice Copybook Set: If you want your children to learn calligraphy, Writing, painting, mathematics, English. A reusable magic copybook set is a must-have. This is a great gift for boys.
  • 📝Comfortable Writing and Standard Writing Format: The Magic Writing Paste has three-dimensional groove design, standard writing format. High-quality paper, strong and durable, comfortable.
  • 🖋️Build Writing Muscles Handwriting Skills: During these activities, boys will use their pen to follow paths and draw different shapes, so they build their fine motor skills. That will engage their minds and boost their reading and writing comprehension skills.
  • 📗Best Books for Early Education: Build essential skills help your little one learn their letters, numbers and pictures on every page. It is a good tool for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination skills. Give your children or your friend boys a funny and meaningful gift!
  • 📚An unconventional but interesting way of preschool education. Great for Calligraphic Letter Writing. Preschool education is always considered to be vital. And it’s easier to correct the posture of holding pen and writing method.


Alphabet Book: Learn the English alphabet and practice writing skills.

Number Book: Teach children numbers in a fun and easy way.

Math Book: Help kids to learn how to calculate, add, subtract, and more.

Drawing Book: Draw, illustrate, and identify various objects.

Easy to Use:

1. Pick one of the four books: alphabet, numbers, math or drawing.

2. Start writing on grooved symbols.

3. Ink fades and disappears after drying.

4. Reuse and practice over and over again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Writing books received on time with nice packing. Its vary useful for the childrens when they able to write or know how to hold pencil and write because its for improve handwriting not for how to write. Item was checked and found same as described. Thanks to Seller.

Marium Arshad

good page quality, sufficient engraving, urdu is missing in it, math ki 2 books hain numbers plus 1 level advance, good hai overall bachon ka starter package, market me search ki lekin nai mili


Very Good and high quality product for children. I recommend this product to those who want good writing of their children.


Reasonable and best quality.I will strongly recommend this seller. Highly satisfied customer.

Amber Iqbal

A very fine product received with good packaging. Handy books for children with quick erase ink pens. Inks vanished after 25 minutes. Highly recommended!!