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Sticker/Stain Remover Spray

Value Deals

Viscose Killer! Never Worry About Stubborn Glue Stains Again!

EASY - Effortlessly! One spray and one shovel to remove glue easily.

Suitable - Adhesives, sealants, wet paint, glue, grease, dirt, asphalt, ink, marker, tar, wax, oil, etc. Anyone who encounters glue stains that are difficult to remove!

Remove Sticky Paste

Suitable for removing residues from stickers, wax, markers, crayons, window decals, glue, labels, etc. Professional-Designed for handling difficult and sticky tasks (commercial & domestic).


Suitable For Home Use

Easily remove furniture tags, various glue residues, stains around the room, etc.

Widely Used

Suitable for ceramic/porcelain, wood, plastic, glass, metal, and painted surfaces. Help remove stickers, wet paint, or oil from the car.


Using Methods

Just pour an appropriate amount of remover on the stain and wipe it off with a rag.


Strong Remove Glue Marks

Contains special dissolving factors, penetrates and softens, and quickly cleans stubborn sticky substances. Powerful to remove glue, clean without traces.


Wide Range Of Uses

Suitable for removing residues from Adhesives, sealants, wet paint, glue, ink, tar, etc. Professional-Designed for handling difficult and sticky tasks (Car & Family).


Suitable For Teachers & Parents

Remove chewing gum, tape, crayons, and sticker residue left by children.


Safe Without Hurting The Surface

Pure natural raw materials can remove sticky substances without damaging the metal paint surface, non-corrosive. Active ingredients fill the space with a pleasant scent.




Net content: 50ML

Status: Liquid

Ingredients: Pure natural raw materials

Package Contents: Multifunctional Glue Remover × 1 bottles

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
rana imtiaz

daikhnay me tu acha hai packing bhi thek hai bohat achi tarah se nishan ko saaf krta hai worthy product


works perfectly for sticker stains. i cleaned my car windsheild from the ugly sticker stains.

kabeer jamali

Good value for the money and high quality.I'm happy with what I bought, and insha'Allah I'll buy more soon!


dilvery on time is se phle bhut se item aur jhga se mangwai laken kasi ne itna acha result nahi dia


Good experience. recommended to all