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Transform your foot pain into freedomūü¶∂ūüŹľ

Statistically, every second adult suffers from foot complaints that can make walking, standing and even sitting difficult.

This new orthopedic sole provides relief.

Have you already tried everything to get your foot pain under control.. From insoles, painkillers to physiotherapy - but without lasting success...

Other products may provide short-term relief, but they do not solve the actual cause of the problem. This sole is specially designed to balance the load on your feet and thus combat pain at the source.

Try it out and feel the difference.

Why do our customers love the Clouds Insole?

Get rid of those old, hard and stuffy soles in your shoes and try the Clouds Insole:

  • Relief¬†from pain and strain
  • Less discomfort and restrictions in¬†everyday life
  • Improved¬†quality of life¬†through a more active lifestyle
  • Boost¬†in self-confidence through better body feeling
  • Hygienic¬†alternative with ventilation holes

Why is THIS the solution for pain?

Unlike other soles that may keep your feet warm but do not provide proper support, the Clouds Insole is unique in its development.

We have invested more time in development to combat pain at its source, so you can be pain-free in the long term - like walking on clouds.

What do experts say?

Dr. Thomas Schneider, a specialist in orthopedics, sports medicine, and foot and ankle surgery from Freiburg says:

"Comfort and support are central values that everyone should consider in their daily life..."

How does the Clouds Insole work?

This supportive insole for shoes works by balancing the load on the feet and thus fighting pain at the source. It is specifically designed to support and improve the natural rolling motion of the foot. This is achieved through the use of ergonomic materials and design, which improve cushioning and support for the foot.

It features special inserts that enhance the cushioning and support of specific areas of the foot, such as the heel or ball of the foot. It also has an arch support that helps maintain the natural shape of the foot and alleviate pain in the arch area.

The easy 3-step application:

1. Remove the old insole from your shoe

2. Place the Cloud Insole in your shoe and if necessary, cut off any excess.

3. Enjoy your new world like on clouds

Simply put it in the washing machine for cleaning

What makes this insole special?

  • Relief of pain¬†and discomfort in the foot area
  • Improvement¬†of the foot's rolling motion and natural shape
  • Support¬†and cushioning for specific areas of the foot
  • Prevention of¬†odor¬†and promotion of¬†circulation
  • Increase¬†in quality of life through increased activity and mobility


  • Name: Massage shock-absorbing insole
  • Material: PU slow rebound + gene fiber
  • Features: Acupoint massage, breathable and sweat-absorbent
  • Crowd: Unisex

Customer Reviews

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kashi bhatti

awesome product. highly recommend.


Excellent insoles. ūüĆüReceived exactly as advertised. ūüĎć


awesome product. highly recommend.


Good Product in a reasonable price.


Good Product ūüĎć